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Hair, skin, and nails vitamins- do they work?

I'm looking for hair growth and i recently picked up some vitamins at Target that are called Hair, skin, and nails by origin (for women). I've never heard of the brand before, but if they do the job i'll take them!

Does anyone have experience with the vitamins? Do they work? And if so, how long before you see results?Hair, skin, and nails vitamins- do they work?
YES YES YES, they work. Just taking a regular daily vitamin and eating a protein-rich diet will help as well, along with drinking lots of water.

But YES, those hair/skin/nail vitamins DO work, as do prenatals. In fact, I've taken prenatals myself to make my hair grow faster (although I'm lucky, my hair grows an average of 3/4'; a month, and most people is 1/2'; per month... and when I took the prenatals mine grew about 1 inch per month!)

Go for it! And good luck!

(ps... make sure you're getting regular trims, like once every 3 months or so to keep your hair growing out nice so it don't get split and frizzy and yucky... even if it's just 1/2'; off or so... it helps immensely in how quickly your hair will grow, too!)

Good luck!!! :)Hair, skin, and nails vitamins- do they work?
I haven't had experience with the Origin brand but I have used hair, skin and nail vitamins before and they definitely work. Give it a good two months when it comes to your hair but your nails should start seeing results within a couple weeks. I highly recommend using the vitamins consistently and for at least 6 months if not more. I've used them for about a year now and my hair is growing like crazy. Also, if your not seeing the best results using the hair, skin and nails vitamin, use prenatal vitamins, those give you double the amount of percentage needed daily, and work way faster! Either way, you should definitely see results, just give it time!
No, they aren't anything special.

Try this vitamin regime:


This is what it says about prenatals - One word about prenatal supplements. I personally do not think they will boost hair growth anymore than a good multivitamin. There are a lot of good over-the-counter prenatals out there. I like Natrol probably the best. When I sat down and actually compared the ingredients in prenatal vitamins and multivitamins, the multivitamin actually had more than the prenatals did. Prenatal vitamins do contain extra iron (for anemia), folic acid (for birth defects), and potassium (to help with muscle cramps). Now, none of those ingredients will boost hair growth. I have had 3 pregnancies and I have NEVER taken prenatal vitamins. When I presented my vitamin program to my OB-GYN, each one has stated that they could not have put together a better vitamin program for overall health during pregnancy and after. They have never prescribed a prenatal for me. There really was no need.

I follow about 80% of it.
Vitamins may help your overall well-being, but they cannot target specific areas of your body. The vitamins you ingest do not know they are supposed to go and give you shiny hair or clear skin.

More likely, these vitamins are mainly vitamin B. Vitamin B contains a nutrient that forms the basis of skin, nail, and hair cells. The vitamins will only help if your diet is deficient in this already.
I take Biotin. Which works on hair skin and nail health. I find it works rather great. These vitamins come in a capsule and the bottle has about 120 of them. You are supposed to take 1 a day. So if you do that, it will last you a long time. Also Alpha Lipoic Acid (I think that's what its called) Is an Antioxidant and helps with Skin.
I know this is going to sound weird. But I have a friend that had short thin hair. She was researching and found tail %26amp; main horse shampoo/conditioner. She used it for about a month and her hair is gotten very long and had gotten a little thicker. Please take my advice b/c you deserve good hair, well everyone does!
yes vitamin E works on all those things and you should see results in less than 3 months. it takes a while for hair and nails to strengthen but the skin you should see a difference in a few weeks
Yes they do! You will love them. You can even take prenatal vitamins, which are virtually the same thing--even if you arent pregnant.
Yes they work ok, but I recommend just taking some prenatal Vitamins.
dr. oz on oprah sais NOTHING will make ur hair grow faster, but yes stuff can make it sronger. prenatel vitamins are good for those kinda things.
knox plain gelatin may work, probably jello too. The time depends on how long it takes your hair/nails to grow
Just use raw eggs for hair.....e lotion for skin, and drink milk for nails..........you don't need anything else.
didnt you take high school health??

Are skin, hair & nail vitamins worth taking? ?

I'm not really into taking vitamins as I usually think a balanced diet should be enough. I do like other food supplements such as evening primrose oil and cranberry, but Boots had a 3 for 2 offer, so for free I picked up some Skin, hair and nails vitamins and minerals. I was wondering if you can really see a difference in the skin and hair by taking supplements like that?Are skin, hair %26amp; nail vitamins worth taking? ?
Absolutely not, they are functionless and a total waste of money. Unfortunately the vitamin/supplement industry takes millions of pounds each year out of the pockets of the gullible and often the worried well.

Eat a well balanced diet and you cannot improve on its effects!Are skin, hair %26amp; nail vitamins worth taking? ?
no there has been no real evidence that shows taking artifial ones work however if you get the same vitamins out of your food then this will help!! therefore eat a healthier diet with more fruit and veg
It depends how old you are. If you are approaching your forties and beyond then I think you will benefit from these. If yuo are younger say 20- 30's a good multivitamin would do

How to fix skin around nails?

the skin around the nails gets black. and sometimes gets cut on it and starts coming out. How to fix it and get rid of it?How to fix skin around nails?
1.Get some Blistex Lip Medex, Vaseline, Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream, or anything that will deeply moisturize the skin and put a generous amount of the substance on the tip of your affected finger. Rub it on and around the nail, especially at the cuticle.

2.Make sure it all gets absorbed into your skin, and then repeat!

3.Get a pair of gloves meant to sleep in and put them on.

4.Go to sleep and, the next morning, look at your nails. They should look great!

5.Throughout the day, put lotion on your fingers to keep them hydrated.

6.Try to stop yourself when you want to bite your nails to keep them looking greatHow to fix skin around nails?
sounds like you might need to check with a dr. if they were just dry and chapped like i would say its cuz your dehydrated...but check with your dr
consult your doctor

What to do if my cat dug her nails into my skin?

Early this morning my cat dug her nails into my arm and made a puncture wound which bled a little and now is red looking. I used antiseptic cream on it. Do I need to see a nurse? What about a tetnus or should I be ok?What to do if my cat dug her nails into my skin?
Just treat it like any other minor wound skin wound. Keep it clean with bathing and antiseptic creams, cover it if it bleeds. You don't need to see a nurse, doctor, or get a shot.What to do if my cat dug her nails into my skin?
If everything clears up pretty quickly you should be fine. If not, you may have cat-scratch disease, which is when a cat scratches or bites you, therefore passing bacteria to you that my have been in their mouth or on their feet.

If you have any of the following symptom/problems you should call a doctor ASAP:

* A cat scratch or bite that does not heal in the usual length of time.

* An area of redness around a cat scratch/bite that continues to get bigger for more than 2 days after the injury.

* Fever that lasts for several days after a cat scratch or bite.

* Painful and swollen lymph nodes for more than 2 or 3 weeks.

* Bone or joint pain, abdominal pain (without fever, vomiting or diarrhea) or an unusual degree of tiredness for more than 2 or 3 weeks.

Hope everything works out!
i would think if the cat is vaccinated,you may be ok applying antibacterial cream.if not ,unless you yourself have had a tetnus shot{i could be rong so check first }for the last 10 years ,I would say go to a doctor.I do hope you swatted that little brat.
Hi, I have 2 cats they play with me alot.

When they do they sometimes scratch or dig their nails in, what I do is i put the scare under water for a cople of mins then I put a plaster on. 1 day after take the plaster of and put some cream on it should heal soon!
wash it out good!

peroxide should work..(:
ur fine.....would u freak if u got a papercut

What is the best color nail polish for tan/medium skin color?

I think the best thing is a french manicure. But if you don't want to have a french manicure all summer here is what I do:

I paint my nails with french manicure polish. Then I take a thin acrylic overlay to protect it. Then if you choose to wear a different color that matches your outfit all you have to do is apply two coats over the french manicure to change the color.

Then if you want to go back to the french manicure all you have to do is use NON-ACETONE nail polish to take of the polish and then you will have your french manicure back.

This is so convenient because french manicure goes with anything and if you don't have time to polish your nails you can still have a great look for summer.

All of my nail clients love this! Give it a try!

Good luck to you!What is the best color nail polish for tan/medium skin color?
Medium skin tones can wear a pink, nude, or red like everyone else, BUT the pink should be opaque (almost white), the neutral should be a berry or brownish color such as raisin (I like Real Raisin by Maybeline), and the red should be dark or ruddy with high gloss and possibly some gold glitter!What is the best color nail polish for tan/medium skin color?
Redish Pink always works for me and I'm sort of tan. I guess it depends if you're putting it on your toes or your fingers. But a sparkly pink always looks cute too.
Corals,light pinks,peaches,light funky golds,french manicures-fit all,and metalics. Best,I think are corals and peaches.
beige, um... a light pink... light colors basically, no green or red, blue would be ok..
I have tan skin and the best polish I have gotten a lot of comments on it bright orange with gold flecks. This year I have been seeing more dark colors in nail polish.

I will use a light color on my nails and go darker on my toes. Colors do not have to match. I have a blue based red that looks great, Other colors include dark purple, blood red (a deep dark red) and extremly light pastels. Stay away from greens, tho. They make my skin look like a corpse's.

Hope this helps!

And don't be afraid to experiment. Some beauty stores carry little ';try'; bottles of polish. They are cheaper and you can see what colors look good on your particular skin color.
I think the best colour would be a sparkly beige!
A warm peach or coral is good. Or a warm, orange based red.
Something Pastel is awesome for tan skin.

Metallic is okay.

Glitter...eh...not so much.
i think the best color would be a light pink
i choose berry, fusfia hot pink or strawberry
according to seventeem mag it is rich rust, pale copper, deep bronze, and shimmery gold.
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  • Is it better to take a Hair, Skin, and Nail vitamin or a biotin vitamin. Right now Im just taking biotin?

    well i have took the hair, skin and nails vitamin...but i cant really tell if it has helped because i dont take it everyday, im always forgetting.... but try each for about 3 months each and see which works best..Is it better to take a Hair, Skin, and Nail vitamin or a biotin vitamin. Right now Im just taking biotin?
    I take both in addition to vitamin e and c...Is it better to take a Hair, Skin, and Nail vitamin or a biotin vitamin. Right now Im just taking biotin?
    Try this vitamin for hair, skin, and nails. It is all explained here. http://sblandino.qhealthbeauty.com/

    Nail and skin biteing/peeling... health risks? Please read more.?

    My sister bites her nails, then once she bites them to the point that they bleed she starts biting the skin on her fingertips and peels the skin away... this totally grosses me out but I am concerned that this may be a health risk for her. Is there anything other than it hurting that could be a concern? Any suggestions as how to get her to stop?! Thank you for your help! :)Nail and skin biteing/peeling... health risks? Please read more.?
    If she swallows the nails and or skin, then she can have some health problems. You can't digest nails, so they will remain in your stomach and have to be surgically removed if excessive. There is also a correlation between nail biting and gall stones. But if she doesn't swallow her nails, then the only health risk I am aware of is the consumption of germs.Nail and skin biteing/peeling... health risks? Please read more.?
    Fingers may have some sort of bacteria risk .. but hey i bite my nails to go to far they bleed LOL other then geting sick from what shes touched (id say real rare) i coiuldnt see other effect but im not a doctor.


    Guess it took me too long to type the other person covered it .. oh well.